Fednav’s Shipowning and Technical Services Department oversees the technical management of Fednav’s owned fleet of more than 60 bulk carriers including its high ice class Arctic fleet, to ensure that all vessels are maintained and operated in line with Fednav’s best-in-class standards in a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient manner.

The team is comprised of engineers, naval architects, and maritime specialists who are responsible for the company’s fleet throughout the lifespan of our ships. In close cooperation with Fednav’s ship managers, the team members support the seafarers on board, continuously improve the ship designs, oversee ship newbuilding and vessel maintenance, and manage fleet operating standards and costs.

The Shipowning and Technical Services Department works closely with Fednav’s Arctic Operations and Projects Department on icebreaker design and engineering, and on project planning and implementation. It also renders support and assistance for our chartered-in fleet.