As a pioneering presence in Canada’s Arctic for 70 years, Fednav’s Arctic Operations, Projects, and Ice Services team is responsible for managing the company’s mining and resupply transportation activities in the Arctic and supporting operations in the Arctic, St. Lawrence, and Baltic regions with an expertise in ice dynamics and remote sensing.

Fednav has participated in every major shipping project in the Canadian Arctic. In 1998, Fednav became the first company to provide year-round shipping, unescorted, with the first winter voyage from Deception Bay. Today, Fednav transports more than two million tonnes annually from remote Northern mines.

Fednav owns and operates the 31,000-tonne MV Arvik I, an oil-bulk-ore ice-breaking vessel, the 31,500-tonne MV Umiak I, and the 31,500-tonne MV Nunavik, the most powerful ice-breaking bulk carriers in the world. These vessels operate independently in the challenging polar environment and provide total transportation solutions to Canada’s northern mines.


The Ice Services group, formerly known as Enfotec Technical Services Inc., provides support to enhance the safety and efficiency of navigation in ice and produces sea ice assessments and marine accessibility studies for current and projected shipping operations in ice-covered waters.

The team’s involvement in research and development helps keep Fednav at the forefront of ice navigation knowledge and technology. Under the former subsidiary Enfotec, Fednav has developed IceNav™, a shipboard navigation system designed for vessels operating in ice-covered waters worldwide.

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In September 2014, Fednav’s Nunavik was the first commercial vessel to completely transit the Northwest Passage unescorted, with an Arctic cargo and Canadian expertise.

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Fednav in the Arctic

Fednav has been a world leader in Arctic shipping for over 60 years and continues to be polar bulk shipping experts.