October 22, 2016

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, November 22, 2016 – Enfotec, a subsidiary of Fednav, received the coveted 2016 IBJ award for Innovative Technology for IceNav™, its shipboard navigation system, at an annual gala dinner held last night in London and organized by the International Bulk Journal.

This prestigious award highlights Enfotec’s excellence in ice navigation support. IceNav is a PC-based navigation system connected to a vessel’s communication network to assist vessels operating in ice.

The information processed by IceNav’s software simplifies functions such as route planning, target tracking, and ice-drift calculation, while its hardware module interfaces with a ship’s radar, providing a highly enhanced image that allows for exceptional ice detection. Vessels equipped with the system are better able to identify openings in the ice cover and forecast ice movement, leading to more efficient navigation, thereby reducing sail time, fuel consumption, and potential risk of ice damage to the vessel.

Enfotec Technical Services is at the foundation of Fednav’s operations in ice-covered waters, providing sea ice assessments and marine accessibility studies. Its mission is to improve navigation and provide daily support to vessels operating in difficult environments. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge in ice dynamics and remote sensing, Enfotec’s continuous investment in R&D keeps Fednav at the forefront of ice navigation technology.

Upon being informed of the award, Fednav President and CEO, Paul Pathy, had this to say: “This distinction awarded to Fednav represents years of development grown from our experience and expertise in ice navigation. Fednav has been present in the Arctic for over 60 years and this award represents the pride we feel for our accomplishment in producing the newest version of IceNav—itself proof of our commitment to push technological development to continuously improve the security and efficiency of navigating in ice.”


Fednav is a privately owned shipping company and is the largest international dry bulk shipping group in Canada. The company employs 260 staff worldwide—150 in its Montreal headquarters—and maintains commercial offices overseas in Antwerp, Charlotte, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, and Tokyo. Fednav also has terminal, logistics, and shipping agency services and divisions.

Tim Keane, Vice-President, Enfotec Enfotec Technical Services Inc.
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