August 31, 2016

The MaritimeONE Scholarship opens doors to a dynamic industry that’s crucial to Singapore

By Melody Tan, [email protected]

Working in Singapore’s maritime industry isn’t always about seafaring vocations. The industry employs over 170,000 people, many of whom enjoy dynamic and exciting careers onshore. In addition, educational opportunities like the MaritimeONE Scholarship give talented young Singaporeans a boost in the workplace and train them to become future industry leaders.

Administered by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), the MaritimeONE Scholarship is sponsored by leading international maritime companies such as Fednav, Canada’s largest international dry-bulk ocean transportation group. 


This year’s Fednav—MaritimeONE Scholarship was awarded to Mr Har Wai Yip, 25, who shares his thoughts on the scholarship and the maritime industry alongside his parents and Fednav Singapore’s managing director, Mr Jonathan Mann. 


How did you learn about the Fednav—MaritimeONE Scholarship? 
I chanced upon the MaritimeONE Scholarship while researching my Maritime Economics major. I am currently in the Bachelor of Business Management course at Singapore Management University (SMU), majoring in Finance (International Trading) and Maritime Economics. 

I believe that the scholarship will provide me with many opportunities to learn, develop and network as it opens doors to some of the biggest shipping companies around, many of which offer valuable internships. 

What attracted you to the maritime industry? 
I have relatives and friends who are doing really well in the maritime industry. Besides, after researching and understanding the importance of the industry to Singapore’s economy and its diverse career options, I was drawn to it.

This surprised many of my friends, many of whom perceived maritime jobs to be physically demanding. Little did they know that one could be part of the industry even when working in an office. It is also an industry that is here to stay, despite the current global economic outlook, given that shipping moves 90 per cent of the world’s trade.

How are you preparing yourself for your future in the maritime industry? 
I make an effort to read up on the industry, understand the different business segments and familiarise myself with industry jargon. 

I have also taken up the Maritime Economics Concentration at SMU — a well-rounded and intensive programme which provides relevant knowledge and skills required for maritime roles such as shipbroking and chartering. 

I look forward to gaining more experience through internships and learning  more about how international trade works. 

My aspiration is to take up a commercial role within the maritime industry, such as vessel chartering or brokering.


How do you feel about Wai Yip being awarded the Fednav—MaritimeONE Scholarship? 
We are really proud of his scholarship award! We have always told Wai Yip that as long as he works hard, he will see the fruits of his labour. We trust that he is old enough to know what he wants for himself, and we are certain that he has given careful consideration in his decision to join the maritime industry.

What do you think about the MaritimeONE Scholarship Programme?
The scholarship programme provides a good learning and networking platform for the recipients. We also saw how the Singapore maritime industry is a very close-knit community during the awards ceremony. We hope that Wai Yip can learn more from his peers and professionals within the industry, and develop the skills necessary for his career.

As parents, we want the best for our children. We hope that through the scholarship, Wai Yip can achieve his dreams and of course, contribute to society.


Why did Fednav Singapore decide to sponsor the MaritimeONE Scholarship? 
As a company, we feel that if we can help someone — albeit in a very small way — to improve their lives and prospects, we are more than willing to do it for the right person or organisation.

By helping to relieve the financial burden of the student with the Fednav—MaritimeONE Scholarship, the student would be able to focus solely on his or her studies. 

Furthermore, with Singapore being the largest shipping hub in the Far East, it is important that there is ongoing organic growth across the island state. Therefore, through the sponsorship, we are encouraging more students to join the maritime profession.

How did Wai Yip stand out from the other candidates who also applied for the Fednav—MaritimeONE Scholarship?
All the candidates whom we interviewed for the scholarship were outstanding. However Wai Yip just had something different about him. 

Call it a gut feeling, but we detected a gritty resilience in his character, which we feel can be a very useful commodity within the maritime environment.


The MaritimeONE Scholarships are sponsored by the maritime companies in the industry. Since the inception of the MaritimeONE Scholarships in 2007, 275 scholarships (worth over S$7.3 million) have been awarded to outstanding students to pursue maritime courses here and abroad. This year, 19 companies sponsored 37 MaritimeONE Scholarships valued at over S$880,000.

The sponsoring companies are: “K” Line, American Bureau of Shipping, BW Maritime, Fednav Singapore, Flagship Ventures, Global Maritime Talent, IMC Industrial Group, NORDEN Shipping (Singapore), NYK Shipmanagement, PSA Corporation, Plymouth University, Sailors’ Society, Sembcorp Marine, Singapore Maritime Academy - Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union, Singapore Shipping Association, The Chua Chor Teck Memorial Fund, Thome Ship Management and SMTC Global (Singapore).

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